Affairs of the Vine
Affairs of the Vine

Being seduced by Pinot Noir
has never been so irresistible!

Pinot Noir Shootout Results Available March 25, 2008

On Sunday, March 2, 2008 consumers, press and trade will gather for the remarkable “Passionate about Pinot Noir Summit.” Held at Fort Mason in San Francisco, an extraordinary array of palates will gather to assess “the best of the best,” from the 6th Annual Pinot Noir Shootout finals held on January 16, 2008.

The 6th Annual Pinot Noir Shootout included Pinots from around the globe, including France, Italy, Australia (including Tasmania), and New Zealand. Stateside, California and Oregon dominate the wine submissions; however, Pinots have also come in from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Unique aspects of the PN Shootout:

Ellen Landis
Ellen Landis tasting as
part of the PNS panel

The Summit will carry the theme through as above allowing the attendees to taste the wines blind and compare their findings to the panel’s at The Final Showdown.

The Pinot Noir Shootout continues to explore and assess the reactions and preferences of women versus men, in regards to Pinot Noir. This year, descriptors and scores of the female and male panelists will be denoted, as well as the reactions of the Pinot Noir Summit attendees, in an attempt to discover whether women and men prefer different wine styles.


Who: Affairs of the Vine, International Wine Review, Wineworks
What: The Pinot Noir Summit
When: Sunday, March 2, 2008 ~ Noon to 7:30 p.m.
Where: Golden Gate Room, Fort Mason, San Francisco CA


We do not disclose the wines that will be tasted in the blind tasting...that would ruin the fun and the challenge.

Here is a partial list of the wineries that will join us for the Wine Reception.  New wineries being added daily.

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