Speaker Series

Wine Tasting Without Attitude

Choose the right glass. Check for color and clarity. Swirl the glass to garner the bouquet. Sip, swish, spit. Sounds awfully complicated, doesn't it? It shouldn't be. Sometimes, we just want to enjoy the wine in our glass. Affairs of the Vine will share the etiquette and tips for tasting wine and your group will have a great time in the process.

Undiscovered Treasures

Eureka! In this seminar Affairs of the Vine will share hot new discoveries and possibly some new vintages from some old friends. You won't find these beauties at your local grocery, but will tell you where you can buy them.

Wine List Workshop…Crack the Secret Code of Wine Lists

Here's the Wine List, now what? You're entertaining clients at a four-star restaurant. You are going to close the deal...you can feel it. The maitre d' presents you a wine list that is the size and weight of the San Francisco phone book. Everyone waits in absolute silence for you to order. What do you do?

How do I choose a wine at a business dinner or any time? How do I deal with the sommelier or waiter? How do I taste the wine? What do I do with the cork? What if the wine needs to be sent back? What wine goes with pizza, sushi, Indian cuisine, or roast duckling? What goes with a simple meal at home or Mexican take-out? How do California varietals differ from French varietals?

For information, contact: Barbara Drady bdrady@AffairsoftheVine.com 888-844-2688