Wine Industry

Affairs of the Vine wishes to extend our thanks to all of you who worked with us last year on a direct basis, providing wine for select events, or submitting wines to Wines To Love for review.

Through our Web site, Wine Boot Camp®, corporate wine workshops, and other wine events, Affairs of Vine educated hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Affairs of the Vine believes that the 2003 will be a challenging year for the wine industry. To address the challenge, Affairs of the Vine will continue to conduct Wine Boot Camp®, corporate and public wine workshops, and wine seminars.

Affairs of the Vine has developed some creative ways in which to expand the base of consumers in 2006.

Develop and expand your business in 2006

  • Create new consumers by participating in Affairs of the Vine events. Contact Michelle Penson.

  • Through our winery direct education programs, Affairs of the Vine can help you strengthen your field sales, wholesale sales, on- and off-premise sales, and tasting room sales. We can assist your winery in retention and increased loyalty of current customers and help you create new customers. Contact Barbara Drady.

  • Wine Boot Camp offers a select few wineries to reach targeted consumers and the media. Contact Wine Boot Camp.

  • Sending samples to wine writers and wine publications is one way to reach current wine consumers, but how do you develop a market share of new consumers or have current consumers discover your wines? Affairs of the Vine can help you reach out to new wine drinkers and non-traditional markets.
    Contact Barbara Drady.

  • Submit wines to Affairs of the Vine tasting panels. Contact Wines To Love.

We are passionate experts in the field of wine, with more than 25 years of experience demystifying wine for consumers and industry alike. Our services offer great results for wineries of all sizes.

Are You Interested in a Unique Approach to Developing

Affairs of the Vine is seeking one winery who wishes to take the lead in a very exciting approach to developing new wine consumers. If you would like to explore this option, contact Barbara Drady, 707-874-1975.

If you are interested in exploring ways in which your winery can benefit from the many resources and unique programs at Affairs of the Vine, please contact Barbara Drady or Michelle Penson at 707-874-1975 or